Create a tail wagging workplace

Workplaces are changing and many organisations are exploring new ways to motivate staff and improve wellbeing.


Creating dog friendly work environments can have multiple benefits:

For humans

  • Stress reduction

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Improved employee retention

  • Boosted morale

For dogs

  • No more lonely days at home

  • Socialising opportunities with people and dogs

  • The chance to explore (and sniff) new environments

  • Treats, lots of treats

Office Dogs: The Manual is the guide to dogs in the workplace.


With helpful, practical advice and real life case studies of office dog success stories, this book is essential reading for anyone involved with office dogs – owners, employers, people working with dogs professionally, and those who are simply lucky enough to share their office with a dog!


Meet Steph

Dublin based Steph Rousseau is a dog behaviourist and the Founder of Happy Office Dogs. She sits on the Board of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe and has worked with hundreds of dogs and their humans in both London and Dublin.

Prior to dedicating herself to all things dog she studied at Trinity College in Dublin and Cambridge University in the UK. Steph spent many years working in corporate and government settings, providing her with the knowledge needed to integrate new initiatives successfully into the workplace.

Steph's career background and dog training expertise led her to becoming a specialist in dog friendly work environments, and she has worked with dogs and organisations in several industries, including IT, architecture, real estate, tech, artists’ studios, public relations firms, law and even her own area of work, archives!

Steph currently shares her life and furniture with two quadrupeds - Fia, a rescued greyhound, and Ferdia, an ex-laboratory beagle cross.



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We offer a range of services to create great dog friendly organisations.

Workplace consultations

Working with you and your organisation to create an awesome dog friendly workplace.

workplace learning

Workshops and learning experiences for organisations and staff.

dog training

Consultations to help owners identify the causes of behavioural issues.


Webinars on all things doggy!


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